The Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine is a national trade union uniting more than 75,000 members: seafarers, workers of ports, ship repair plants and enterprises of State Hydrography, professors, cadets and students of maritime educational institutions.





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Our mission -

is to defend the interests of the Union members, despite of all odds

The main objectives of the MTWTU are to promote labor rights protection, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.

Michael Kirieiev MTWTU Chairman

Our advantages:


Since 1992, we have been working for the benefit of our members, and since 1993 the MTWTU has been a member of the International Transport Workers’ Federation – the ITF


We do not stand still but evolve dynamically, setting more and more new goals


Being the only maritime ITF affiliate in Ukraine, we are always ready to stand up for the rights of our Union members


Most often, work requires us to be sensitive and confidential. We do more than announce, and our motto is “Actions, not words”


We are proud to have earned the trust of 75,000 Union members and their families with our honest work


We are always open to our members, employers and public authorities, as well as to anyone concerned with the well-being of Ukrainian transport workers


We will not make concessions if this contradicts the interests of our members, and we will fight for what we believe in


We are part of the global solidarity movement of transport workers, where everyone is there for each other

What they say about us:

Being born on the same day as the Trade Union is an incredible honor for me. I wish the MTWTU prosperity, progress, conquest of new heights, the strongest authority !!! And its employees health, inspiration, faith in their own strengths and the implementation of all plans! You really feel protected)

Vladimir Mazurovich Blank Rome LLP

What they say about us

Спасибо огромное за все. Очень мило встретили. Позитивный разговор. Приятно приходить сюда, снова и снова. Я очень рад что я являюсь членом ПРМТУ!!!

Даниил Величко 3 помощник капитана

What they say about us

Как для будущего моряка, для меня очень важно быть частью Профсоюза. Уже сейчас я имею возможность принимать участие в интересных семинарах и узнавать много нового, что будет полезно для моей карьеры.

Екатерина Иванова курсант НУ "ОМА", факультет Автоматики, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us

Профсоюз для меня - это в первую очередь защита и уверенность в завтрашнем дне. В наше время важно понимать, что за тебя есть кому заступиться. Спасибо за то, что вы делаете! Процветания и развития нашему Профсоюзу.

Артем Мамонтов Докер-механизатор, Мариупольский морской торговый порт, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us

С Профсоюзом наша курсантская жизнь стала намного ярче и интереснее.

Яна Майдянюк курсант НУ "ОМА", факультет Автоматики, член ПРМТУ

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