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15 advantages of a trade unionist

Paragraph 1. Priority right to appeal to any of the 150 ITF inspectors around the world

ITF inspectors process, as a matter of priority, the applications received from seafarers, who are members of the national ITF Trade Unions at home.

Paragraph 2. Protection of labor and economic interests

If a labor dispute takes place, the Union represents and defends the interests of a seafarer.

Paragraph 3. Social protection

The MTWTU provides protection of social rights of Ukrainian seafarers.

Paragraph 4. Free pre-employment consultations

Access to the unique ITF database allows the Union experts to obtain information about almost any vessel or company.

Paragraph 5. Free legal assistance

The MTWTU members have access to free legal assistance on labor issues.

Paragraph 6. Free assistance in labor disputes with the employer

During any labor dispute between a seafarer and an employer, the MTWTU protects the interests of the seafarer: negotiates with the shipowner or his representative, maintains contact with the seafarer and / or his family, monitors the fulfillment of the terms of the individual contract and / or the collective agreement and other regulations, as well as undertakes the actions necessary for the solution of the dispute in a way, positive for the seafarer.

Paragraph 7. Free information and training activities

The MTWTU on the regular basis conducts training and information activities aimed at raising seafarers’ awareness of their labor rights, guaranteed by the provisions of the individual contract, the collective agreement and the norms of national and international legislation. In addition, the Union regularly meets with its members to discuss the most topical issues, such as: pensions, changes in the banking system of Ukraine, mobilization, alternative ways of passive income, medical issues and so on.

Paragraph 8. Health Care

Where necessary, the MTWTU members receive financial support to cover medical and treatment expenses.

Paragraph 9. Participation in international projects

As the only ITF maritime affiliate in Ukraine, the MTWTU organizes and participates in various international projects. That allows seafarers, the Union members, to enjoy the additional benefits.

Paragraph 10. Financial support in difficult life situations

The Trade Union provides financial assistance to seafarers in a difficult financial situation.

Paragraph 11. Participation in interesting tours, sports tournaments and contests

The Union regularly arranges entertainment activities for seafarers, which are absolutely free for the MTWTU memebrs.

Paragraph 12. Invitations for children's and family holidays

The MTWTU regularly conducts family and children's activities for seafarers. Participation in the events is also free of charge for seafarers, members of the Trade Union.

Paragraph 13. Access to exclusive information through the Union and its publications

The MTWTU continuously selects the most useful and relevant information for seafarers. Check our publications in the Media and Knowledge Base sections.

Paragraph 14. Access to discounts and loyalty programs

A 30% discount for all the courses at the Kherson Maritime Specialized Training Centre and the AVANT Training Centre of Seafarers, free English courses, as well as the other loyalty programs.

Paragraph 15. Reimbursement of costs spent for health improvement

The MTWTU members receive partial reimbursement of the costs spent for treatment and sanatorium rehabilitation. To learn more visit the Social Programs page.

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